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Green Catamarans

Acting sustainably and shifting our way of thinking: by designing boats equipped with electric-hydrogen propulsion, Green Navy is a major player in the energy transition and the decarbonization of maritime transport. Innovation and the evolution of technologies are at the heart of our projects: at Green Navy, we offer innovative solutions to current energy and environmental challenges.


Modular superstructure, suiting your needs

A design conducive to the experience.

Green Navy has developed a unique and smart platform hosting modular superstructures that can be adapted to your requirements. Our ships are 25-meter catamarans (LOA), designed as versatile working tools. In long-term leasing contract or for sale, we offer a PAX, CARGO or MIXED boat.


Design, resistance, adaptability, weight: In partnership with G-sea design, Green Navy pushes the limits of traditional methods, by using calculation software until now used only for the design of boats intended for extreme navigation. What seemed impossible is your new reality.






Tons of Freight

Our PAX catamaran offers unparalleled performance in the world of new maritime energies, in terms of navigation comfort, autonomy and operational costs.

  • Complete reduction of the noise pollution and odour nuisance – An exceptional passenger experience compared to a diesel boat.
  • Simplified design – Very attractive modularity for commuters and tourists.

Our CARGO catamaran, your smart freight transport solution.

  • Adaptability of hydrogen storage to the desired transport capacities – An adjustable autonomy allowing shipowners to carry out island/mainland refueling missions.
  • Accessibility to city centers by the river, in an environmentally friendly, safe and cost-effective way. – A zero-emission goods transport solution, favorable to the decongestion of road transport networks.

Our MIXED version is intended for transporting both goods and passengers. Versatile, our multipurpose catamaran allows you to adapt your activity to market opportunities.


Expertise and innovation

The Merré shipyard, a specialist in naval construction for a century, produces our boats in France. Merré works, in particular, with port authorities, shipowners and operators to provide the vessels needed to protect the environment.

Hydrogen electric propulsion

Electromobility: the future of clean mobility.

The challenge we undertake at Green Navy is to develop an innovative solution combining the most recent technologies on the market, to offer boats which perform better, in terms of autonomy and respect of the environment , than diesel standards.


The propulsion system of Green Navy boats is unique since it allows the removal of the inverters-reducers, which are present on certain types of boats.


Our catamarans are thus equipped with systems that triple the efficiency of the propulsion chain, compared to the standards of thermal propulsion, thus enhancing the optimization of the energy efficiency of our boats – our priority.


Our team of engineers has optimized the propulsion system and the architecture of the boat to reduce its mass and, therefore, optimize its energy efficiency. Our boats offer you an adaptable, efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

On board, different energy management strategies are used depending on the desired range. Two 115 KW engines propel our boats and are powered by Toyota fuel cells combined with intermediate storage batteries.


Our boats are, of course, powered with Green Hydrogen, derived from the electrolysis of water using renewable energy.

guillemets GH2 – zero emissions during production and use. guillemets

Impressive performance thanks to an intelligent propulsion management.

  • Range of 480km at 8.3 knots (15km/h), approximately 36 sailing hours.
  • Range of 440km at 9.3 knots (17km/h), approximatelt 25 sailing hours.
  • Maximum speed of 11,2 knots (20km/h), or 14 knots on demand.
  • Recharges in just a few hours.
Courbe Courbe

Define your project


We will support the Paris 2024 Olympic Games’ opening ceremony, by leasing a Green Navy catamaran for several months, in the aim to provide an eco-friendly transport solution, either on the Seine or Marseille.


Regardless of your the desired configuration, our boats are also available for medium and long-term lease but also for outright sale. Our team is available to study your project and meet your needs.

Guy Saillard

Co-founder of Green Navy, Guy is a naval architect and maritime expert with 50 years of experience. He has demonstrated his commitment to carbon-free mobility by working on the design or improvement of precursor boats in this sector: in particular, the Energy Observer and the Planet Solar. We owe him the design of the Green Navy prototype boat.

Atila Perez

Founder of Green Navy (2019), Atila Perez aims to participate in reducing the environmental footprint in the maritime transport sector. Born in Mexico, he has lived in France since 1999. After several successes as Director in the catering sector, Atila is now at the head of three Carrefour retail shops, where he notably faces supply chain challenges, in an insular context.

Grégoire Lebigot

Partner of Green Navy, Grégoire is also the Chairman and Founder of VALLAIR, a Frenco-Luxembourgish group specialized in the maintenance of airliners (MRO), as well as in the recycling activities of mature aircrafts, engines and aeronautical components. With a cumulative experience of 30 years in aviation, notably at Airbus and Air France, Grégoire has developed for 20 years a pioneering company in the dismantling of aircrafts in Europe, but also in the conversion of Passenger aircrafts into Freighters.

Maxime Gorsse

Director of Project Financing, Treasury, & Investor Relations for Green Navy, Maxime Gorsse has a 10-year proven background in the transportation finance sector. He has previously accrued his expertise within, among others, Airbus as a Financial Analyst and CHC Helicopter as a Senior Manager of Fleet Transactions. Amongst many capital-intensive programmes, Maxime’s experience in sourcing attractive debt and equity financing for Vallair secured the leading position of the latter, in the Aircraft Conversion industry.


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